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As leading Calgary Electricians, Total Electrical Solutions specializes in Residential, Commercial, and Lite Industrial Electrical services that range from complete projects to Installation Service and Repair of electrical equipment. With a minimum of 5 to over 25 years of experience as professional electricians, we deliver a high level of efficiency, quality service and professionalism.

Whether it is electrical inspections, electrical panel upgrades, main electrical service relocation, aluminum wire solutions, stand-by generators or a renovation, our electricians are always ready to assist you.

Why Choose Total Electrical Solutions?

When you choose Total Electrical Solutions, you get more than just fast, reliable, and affordable electrical services. You get electricians with over 25years of experience in the industry and are highly educated and specialize in residential and commercial and lite industrial.

Panel Upgrades

Panel UpgradesIf your home built before the 1970s, your electrical panel will likely need to be replaced as the electrical service needs to be able to handle the electrical demands of your household. With all the new technologies in appliances we use today, it's never been more important to have your electrical service inspected.

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Electrical Inspections

Aluminum Wire Solutions

Many houses built in Calgary in the 1960’s throughout the 1970’s and into the early 1980’s were wired with aluminum wire. Aluminum was used for electrical wiring back then because it was a much cheaper alternative to copper. But there have been problems with aluminum wiring that have caused fires, overheating, sparks, and shocks. So for electrical safety, aluminum wiring is no longer used for branch circuit wiring.

When you have aluminum wiring in your home, you may not know that it is the cause of problems you're experiencing with your electrical system. Some indicators of existing aluminum wiring may be:

  • Flickering lights
  • Receptacles and switches hot to the touch
  • Smoke and or sizzling sounds coming from the receptacle or switch
  • Smell of burning plastic or rubber
  • Loss of power throughout the house
  • Circuit breaker trips for no reason
Technically Speaking, Why Does Aluminum Wiring Need Replacement?

Aluminum wire can be dangerous due to the fact that it has a higher thermal expansion rate then copper, which means aluminum wire expands and contracts more than copper wire. When this happens the aluminum wire can come loose from its intended connection causing arcing and sparking, which could become a potential fire hazard.

At Total Electrical Solutions, we offer a cost effective method to resolve this problem that is less intrusive than the alternative, which is cutting drywall in order to replace the home's wiring with copper. All our methods meet and exceed the Canadian Electrical code.

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Electrical Repairs

Residential & Commercial Electrical Service

At Total Electrical Solutions, we have a Master Electrician with over 25 years of experience that includes everything from Residential, Commercial to lite Industrial installations maintenance and service. We also specialize in the installation, service and repairs of Motors & Generators. Our electricians provide highly expert troubleshooting skills that will pinpoint your electrical problems quickly. We have the experience you’ll need and the commitment to safety that’s essential for any electrical service call you require.

Call our team of Calgary electricians for honest, competitive rates with a 100% guaranty you can trust! We also offer our customers a number of other electrical services to support safe and healthy living in either the home or workplace.

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Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

When you own a home, rental property, or a commercial business you may need a professional electrical inspection for any number of reasons. Professional electrical inspections give you detailed written information useful in a number of circumstances such as;

  • Satisfying the requirements of your Insurance provider.
  • Real-Estate transactions.
  • To ensure proper safety codes are in place.
  • Peace of mind.

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