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Panel Upgrades - ELECTRICAL SERVICE Upgrade

Panel Upgrades

Old electrical panels may need to be upgraded for many reasons. One, they may not be sized big enough to support the electrical loads from appliances we use today. Two, due to additional loading of the circuitry can cause an overload on the service conductors. Three, the electrical service does not conform to local electrical safety codes which can cause your insurance company to decline an insurance policy. As your electrical system ages beyond about 25-30 years, the functionality of the electrical panel and breakers can degrade. Circuit breakers can begin to trip often or under overload conditions not trip at all. Either of these conditions can be catastrophic.

If you're planning an addition to your home or developing your basement, you need to ensure the electrical panel/service is properly sized to handle all the additional electrical demands. Call Total Electrical Solutions today and have a qualified Calgary electrician come and inspect your electrical panels in your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrade


Electrical Service Panel Replacement

  • Your panel is 25 years or older.
  • Your existing panel is to small and your circuit requirements have increased
  • Your existing service is only rated for 60 amps
  • You require more power such as a 100-200 Amp service
  • Homeowners insurance requirement
  • No main breaker for system shut down
  • Lights flickering throughout your house
  • Breakers not tripping under fault condition
  • Burning of wires and breakers
  • Arcing and sparking
  • Smoke coming out of your panel
  • Burning smell around the panel
  • Overheating (breakers are hot to the touch)
  • Avoid potential delays when selling (Home Inspection)
  • Increase the SAFETY of your home
  • Increase the VALUE of your home


  • If your house was built between 1950 and 1970 and has a Federal Pacific Electric Panel (FPE) with old stab-lok breakers, you can be at risk of having a breaker malfunction which could cause a fire.
  • Several tests and studies have been done since the early 1980’s and have proven that one in four breakers have been defective.
  • For more information visit www.ismypanelsafe.com

Electric Panel Upgrade Free Estimate

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