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3 Electrical Safety Tips To Protect Your Home This Fall

Electrical Safety Inspections in Calgary

With fall finally here, most homeowners are taking a bit of time to enjoy the many different aspects that make this season such a great time of year. With so much to do this fall, it can be easy to forget about some of the other aspects of your home that could benefit from some attention, and your electrical system is chief among them …Read More

What Benefits Can a Backup Generator Offer You?

Backup Generator Calgary

Want to ensure that you and your loved ones always remain safe and comfortable? Then you need to make sure you always have dependable electricity, which you can do with a home backup generator. By ensuring you and your family has a generator attached to your Calgary home, you can enjoy a variety of benefits …Read More

Kitchen Lighting Calgary

Top 3 Reasons Your Kitchen Lighting Is So Important

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not having sufficient kitchen lighting. Even homes with plenty of natural light need to be set up for overcast days and night …Read More

Aluminum Wiring Calgary

Protect Your Home and Safety by Learning About Aluminum Wiring

What many Calgary homeowners wonder is why they have to worry about aluminum wiring replacement in the first place. The problem is that aluminum was never a good long-term solution for wiring inside the home; it was a short-term fix to a spike in copper prices during the 60's …Read More

Landscape Lighting Calgary

Party Landscape Lighting For Outdoor Fun

Party lighting has come a long way over the centuries. Long ago, candles, lanterns, and torches were the only lighting available for outdoor parties. Most often, candles were used, and even today many people still love using them for weddings, romantic occasions, and parties. …Read More

Restaurant Electrical Safety Inspections In Calgary

Tips On Restaurant Electrical Safety Inspections In Calgary

Whether you have a Calgary area food truck, deli, or a large full-service restaurant, your electrical system should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced commercial electrician, especially if you are already noticing problems…Read More

Reasons for installing home security lighting in Calgary

Reasons For Installing Home Security Lighting In Calgary

Security lighting is just as important to install in a home as it is in a commercial building. Many people think of security lighting as the heavy flood lights that are installed on the exterior of a business…Read More

Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

Hard Wired Smoke Alarms in Calgary

When most people think of smoke alarms, they think of the battery operated alarm units installed in their homes. However, while those are certainly the most common type of smoke alarm, there are also hardwired smoke alarm ... Read More

Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

What's Up With All The Electrical Panel Upgrades In Calgary?

Many in the Calgary and surrounding areas wonder why they keep hearing about how important it is to upgrade the home's electrical panels and why they should bother if everything has been fine with their current panel. Read More

Energy Efficient Lighting Options For Calgary

About Energy Efficient Lighting Options For Calgary

In our world of today, there's never been so many changes and so much focus centered on energy efficiency, which is a wonderful thing. With consumer demand for better products that are more friendly to our environment, the waste of energy has been a top concern for many. Read More

Ways To Save A Little Extra Energy At Home Or Work

Ways To Save A Little Extra Energy At Home Or Work

The best way you can save energy at home or at your place of business is by turning off the things you don't need while you're away or not using them. Unfortunately, the way we live our lives most often doesn't consider the impact to our environment.Read More

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