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LEDs Case Study: Promenades Du Parc

2019-01-31 03:23:52

An entire installation was completed in one day.

The Promenades du Parc is an open ‘strip’ shopping centre serving the everyday needs of the growing community of St-Hubert, Que. The complex was built in 1990 and covers 104,313 square feet, with ample parking for its key tenant stores, such as IGA, National Bank of Canada and Pharmaprix.

First Capital Realty, which operates the facility, identified in early 2018 an opportunity to save energy and improve overall esthetics by upgrading the parking lot’s lighting to LED technology. To do so, they turned to Montreal- based lighting provider Concept Illumination.

“We have worked with the company before and know they take all factors into consideration before proposing the best-suited lighting solution,” says First Capital Realty senior property manager Ginette Longpré, “including the surrounding environment, performance needs, budget and timeline.”

Prior to the upgrade, the parking lot featured a mix of floodlights and other pole-mounted fixtures, all of which used 400-W metal-halide lamps. Concept Illumination proposed specifying 200-W LED area lights to replace all 39 fixtures, thus standardizing the property’s esthetics. (In addition, the project offered an opportunity to install eight 150-W floodlights to illuminate the IGA supermarket’s façade.)

The entire installation was completed in one day in June 2018, causing minimal disruption to the retail tenants and their customers. Preparation was key. By planning ahead and arriving on-site with the proper mounting hardware and adapters, Concept Illumination was able to provide a smooth, fast installation from start to finish.

The upgrade has resulted in several benefits for First Capital Realty. First, by using fixtures that direct light downward, it has dramatically improved both brightness and uniformity across the lot, making visitors feel safer and more warmly welcomed in the evenings. Secondly, the facility manager anticipates significantly reduced maintenance costs, due to the long life and durability of the LEDs and fixtures. And third, neighbouring residences have benefited, as ‘light trespass’ onto nearby homes has been eliminated by the directional fixtures, which focus only where the light is needed.

First Capital Realty’s primary objective, though, was to lower its energy consumption and, thus, bills. Concept Illumination estimates the upgrade will save approximately 57,000 kWh annually, representing a 55% reduction in consumption for the complex.

With files from Concept Illumination.

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