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Party Landscape Lighting For Outdoor Fun

Party landscape lighting for outdoor fun

Party lighting has come a long way over the centuries. Long ago, candles, lanterns, and torches were the only lighting available for outdoor parties. Most often, candles were used, and even today many people still love using them for weddings, romantic occasions, and parties.

After torches, candles, and lanterns, people began hanging lanterns on wire or rope, which was strung at a height several feet above head level.

Even later, everything changed with the invention of electricity but not that drastically. Then, lanterns were used but later light bulbs were invented. In fact, today you can still get vintage party lights with the clear round bulbs that mimic the old bulbs.

Lighting up the landscape for fun creates an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting. There’s something about hanging lights that speaks to our hearts. Just think of a bond fire and how welcoming and comforting that is.

Outdoor lighting has taken on a whole new meaning and form. An outdoor party just isn't as fun without the light show.

A Light Show For Party Guests

If you’ve ever seen a concert on television or been to a live concert, you’ve seen the spectacular light shows the create a rainbow of colors in the dark night sky.

Today, there is party lighting that creates some pretty cool effects. There is Moonflower, Beam, and DMX, just to name a few. Disco lights were one of the first LED lighting options available for parties and this type of effect can be created in your own backyard. You can also find black lights, laser lights, and strobes for your outdoor lighting options.

Even more outdoor lighting selections include paper lantern lights, solar powered lights, remote control lights, color changing lights, fairy lights, rave lighting, orbits, and more.

Special effects with outdoor lighting is a part of professionally planned outdoor parties. A combination of lighting sources is used to create shows of light that enhance certain aspects of the area. Special effects can mean lights that change colors, streaming light patterns, spotlighting, and more.

LED Party Lights

LED lighting is the new phenomenon for both outdoor and indoor lighting. Today, a whole new world of LED landscape lighting has hit the market. Imagine that by just touching a button, you create an entire light show yourself. Make it all the more fun with Light up LED gloves, sticks, wands, bracelets, headbands, fiber optic hair clips and a number of other party favors. Contact Total Electrical Solutions for residential electrical services today!

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