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Protect Your Home and Safety by Learning About Aluminum Wiring

Protect your home and safety by learning about aluminum wiring

What many Calgary homeowners wonder is why they have to worry about aluminum wiring replacement in the first place. The problem is that aluminum was never a good long-term solution for wiring inside the home; it was a short-term fix to a spike in copper prices during the 60's.

Suddenly, contractors were at the mercy of market prices because they still had homes to deliver for a certain price but no easy way to deliver with copper wiring prices on the rise. So, many a Calgary electrician turned to aluminum as a cost-effective alternative, unaware of the ramifications that would follow.

What Happens Next?

During the 70's and 80's, it became apparent that aluminum had not been the best idea when problems started resulting such as residential fires. That was one of many reasons it became obvious that aluminum wiring replacement is an important project to schedule, and make a top priority:

The main problem is that this type of wiring expands when it is heated. This expansion causes shifting and means, eventually, the inability for a connection to continue to give you power but, even worse, this is how fires start.

What may surprise you is to discover how difficult it can be to get insurance coverage for your home. You will most certainly have to pay higher premiums than a home without aluminum wiring. However, you are more likely to find more insurance companies won't even offer coverage for your home.

Unlike other types of wiring, aluminum can also develop rust. This is another reason a lack of a connection and an increase in fire risk is so common with this type of wiring.

Let Total Electrical Solutions make your home safe by eliminating the threat of aluminum wiring. For the best in reliable Calgary electrician services, give us a call.

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