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Tips On Restaurant Electrical Safety Inspections In Calgary

Tips on restaurant electrical safety inspections in calgary

Whether you have a Calgary area food truck, deli, or a large full-service restaurant, your electrical system should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced commercial electrician, especially if you are already noticing problems. The wiring or electrical panel box may not be up to current safety code standards. This can put you, your customers, staff, and all your assets at risk.

When you own a business, it's important to provide a safe environment for your customers and staff. Electrical safety inspections in Calgary are highly important for any business. This is especially true when there are many appliances or large machines that pull heavy loads. Your cooks, staff, and customers will appreciate having the power they need to be able to work and dine in a safe environment.

How Often Should An Electrical Safety Inspection?

Have a professional electrical inspection done about once every year or at minimum every two years so the repairs can be made before your commercial building becomes unsafe or your business is fined by local building safety code authorities.

What Makes Regular Electrical Safety Inspections Necessary

Even though you can't see most of your commercial electrical system because it's hidden behind walls, it still needs to be inspected and maintained regularly.

There are constant shifts and tiny movements in this complex system of wiring and other components. Small vibrations from the earth and expansion from temperature changes are continually affecting your wiring system. That's how things like loose outlets and fixtures or damaged wires occur in your Calgary electrical system.

Electrical connections are especially vulnerable to the tiny vibrations that occur throughout the day and night. The electrical connections get loosened and shift around.

Add to this constant shifting the fact that parts fail, surges occur, and wiring gets loose and it's easy to see why fires or electrical shock occur. A professional electrical safety inspection will uncover any problem. The electrical inspector will document and discuss the repairs that need to be made.

What's Involved In A Commercial Electrical Inspection

Commercial electrical inspections are much more involved than residential simply because there is more to the system. During an inspection, the panel boxes, wiring, connections, outlets, switches, fuses, and more will be inspected in many locations.

A good inspection will include testing for even the hidden components. You'll have the advice and services of a professional master electrician as well. Your inspector will be knowledgeable of the local building code safety requirements, which means they can help you get your electrical system up to code if necessary.

Your inspector may suggest that additional circuits are installed if some of your equipment on the same circuit is pulling a heavy load. One sign that this is going on is when lights flicker or appliances don't work right when you use them at the same time.

Where To Find Calgary, AB Electrical Safety Inspections

Anytime you're looking for an electrical safety inspection, you can call on the team at Total Electrical Solutions here in Calgary. We've helped many restaurants and other commercial businesses in the Calgary area with inspections and other services.

If you are looking for a Calgary electrician then please call 403-454-3008 or complete our online request form.

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