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Outdoor Lighting Systems: Top-Notch Landscape & Security Lighting Electricians Serving Calgary

Landscape security lighting

Our Calgary electricians can beautify your home with outdoor lighting options that will enhance your curb appeal and make your home's exterior more useful to you after dark. Adding landscape lighting can do a lot to highlight areas of your Calgary landscape where you may want to spend time outdoors at night.

Adding touches of low voltage lighting to the planted areas of your Calgary landscape makes a gorgeous, subtly lit area that highlights certain areas of your lawn. Spotlighting tree groupings or your favorite landscape art piece makes your home unique, while low lights along your paths and sidewalks add safety and beauty to your landscape.

Landscape Lighting Ideas In Calgary

  • Pathway & Walkway Lighting - By installing additional lighting to your landscape along your garden path or walkways, you're making your Calgary home's exterior safer and more functional and beautiful. Our electricians in Calgary at Total Electrical Solutions can upgrade your exterior landscape lighting with pathway or sidewalk lighting installation. If you're into making your home more energy-efficient, low voltage energy-efficient lighting is always a great option for pathway and walkway lighting.
  • Garden Lighting - If you have planted areas of your landscape, installing some garden lighting will give your landscape depth and function. Whether you have a vegetable garden, flower garden, or shrub garden, or cactus garden in your Calgary landscape, installing a few low voltage lights can enhance the appeal of the area as well as create a little depth in the area. We have many options for you in energy-efficient garden lighting at Total Electrical Solutions.
  • Exterior Accent Lighting - Accent lighting is generally in the form of spotlighting. Accent lights can highlight your favorite landscape features such as a special grouping of tree or a beautiful statue or water feature, bringing the focal point to draw the eye. In exterior landscape lighting, the accent light sets off the view to create drama in your Calgary home's landscape. Let us help you to beautify your landscape with the right exterior accent lighting installed.
  • Pole or Lantern Lighting - Every landscape should have some type of pole lighting because when lights are raised off the ground they bring in function as well as much-needed diversity to the landscape lighting scheme. Lighting on taller poles allows you to light up larger areas of the lawn and help to illuminate your landscape for security purposes.
  • Holiday Lighting - In a landscape lighting design, you don't want to have too much of the same type of lighting or the area can look like you're trying to compete in a Calgary neighborhood holiday lights contest instead of creating the ambiance you're really trying for with your landscape. Lantern lights give your landscape that beautiful charming quality while functioning to light the way for visitors and friends.

Exterior Lighting Installations

Low voltage lighting, pool lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, patio lighting, driveway lighting, workshop lighting, and more can be installed on your home's exterior. Lightening up the outdoor areas of your home can bring your home some great curb appeal as well as provide you with functional areas to see after dark.

Customizing your exterior lighting to suit your home and your needs requires a local experienced electrician you can trust. At Total Electrical Solutions, we have installed exterior lighting for the Calgary area since 2007 and would love the opportunity to help you make these and other electrical lighting upgrades for your home.

Whether you need a whole new lighting scheme arranged or just need a few porch lights installed, our electricians at Total Electrical Solutions can help. Let us help you bring value and functionality with energy-efficient lighting options for your exterior!

Pool Lighting For Safety

While swimming in an unlit pool in the dark isn't that dangerous, it can be when you think about it. What would happen if no one could see you and you had a cause to drown or get in trouble while swimming? What if you can't see well and you slip on or bump into something nearby, crashing your head before you fall into the pool?

Pool lighting can help to reduce the chances of accidents in and around your swimming pool areas. Plus, you'll love having pool lighting around your swimming pool area! Bringing in a little extra light in the pool area of your home gives you more options for using the pool after dark.

Being able to see when you're swimming at nighttime also helps keep you and your family safe from snakes or other varmints that may be prowling around looking for water sources.

Kitchen Lighting Installations

Is your kitchen area supplying you with sufficient lighting to see by while you prepare and cook your meals? When you work in your kitchen, poor lighting can only serve to be the cause of accidents. Kitchens can be dangerous areas if you can't see well enough to work safely in them. Adding lighting to your kitchen will not only help you see better but can enhance the look of your space. Commonly, we add under-counter lights, drop pendant lighting over bar areas or sinks, recessed lights for additional general lighting, and better more attractive fixtures.

Bathroom Lighting Installations

Your bathroom space might need additional lighting as well. Commonly, there is sufficient lighting installed around the mirror, but other places in the bathroom can be left dark by the builder. Is your shower area dark and gloomy? We can install a light for your shower to brighten it up some. Recessed lighting as additional lighting for the bathroom is non-intrusive and barely noticeable, yet highly functional. We have a lot of ideas for bathroom lighting installations that will improve your bathroom and home!

Security Lighting Solutions in Calgary, AB

Today, you have many options in security lighting for your home. You may want to add security lighting to your driveway area, a large lawn area, a shed or workshop area, the interior of your home, or your entire backyard. Security lighting gives you additional ways to improve the safety and well-being of your home and family.

Lighting up the darkest areas around your Calgary home with sufficient light doesn't have to mean a starkly lit lawn that's as bright as day. Security lighting comes in many different forms which are normally installed in combination with each other for the lighting scheme for your home.

  • Motion Sensor Security Lighting - In some areas of your home, both interior and exterior, you may not want a light to turn on until you need it. Motion sensor security lighting can be installed in the right areas of your home for better safety indoors and out. For instance, installing a motion sensor hall light can help you find your way easily in the dark when you need it. Outdoors, a motion sensor light near the porch area can tell you when a visitor is walking up to your home. Motion lights can also add a little surprise for anyone intent on a little criminal mischief.
  • Daylight Responsive Security Lighting - Daylight Responsive Security Lighting will turn itself on and off as the daylight comes and goes. It's great for exterior areas of your home where you don't want to have to mess with manually setting a timer or manually controlling them. The light itself will sense when nightfall and sunrise occur and will respond as appropriate.
  • Automated Security Lighting - Automated security lighting can be installed to turn on and off with a preset schedule. For your convenience, they will run on the schedule every day so you don't need to manually control them. Automated Security Lighting is great for ensuring you have security lighting working at the times of night you need them. Set your security lighting schedule and forget about them!
  • Emergency Lighting - You may not want to always have a set of lights that illuminate large areas of your interior or exterior. You can have additional lighting installed in your home that is only activated by you during an emergency situation where your main lights aren't working. Emergency power outage lights are battery-operated but installed where you need them by your local electricians at Total Electrical Solutions.

If you have a home in Calgary or surrounding areas, you may need our residential electrical services for your lighting project. You may be interested in repairs, installations, or upgrades for your home's interior and exterior lighting needs.

Lighting provides you with more than one advantage for your home. It not only helps your home look better after dark, but it also meets your functional needs as well. With a lighting upgrade or installation for your home, you'll find benefits such as better lighting in the areas you need it, more energy savings with today's new lighting systems, and better options in low voltage lighting that produce maximum energy to sufficiently meet your lighting needs.

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Glenda G.

Dan has a done a perfect job, he accepted the work and few hours after attended to complete it He was on time, very efficient and had a very pleasant personality. I do not hesitate recommending him to whoever may need his services. Mike.

Naser R., Calgary

Dan is very professional and personable. I would highly recommend this company to all my family and friends.

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