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Strathmore Electrician & Electrical Services in Strathmore, AB

Strathmore electrician

Strathmore area homeowners and commercial property owners can find excellent electrical services from our electricians at Total Electrical Solutions. We offer expert electrical repairs, installations, upgrades, and rewiring. Total Electrical Solutions has all the electrical solutions you may need for your home or business.

From generators to new wiring and electrical system design and installation, you have options for your home or business. Whether it's new lighting, landscape wiring, generator installation, or any other electrical service we can provide for you, we're always ready to help. We also offer you 24/7 emergency repairs and regular maintenance services for your electrical equipment.

Electrical Repairs in Strathmore

Are you having problems with your home's or commercial building's electrical system? Do you have flickering lights, switches that only sometimes work, or weird outlets that won't accept your plug? These are signs that your electrical system needs attention. Call our experienced Strathmore electricians at Total Electrical Solutions to cover all your repair needs, great or small.

Strathmore Electrical Installations

Electrical installations in the Strathmore area need to be done by professional electricians with years of industry experience. No matter whether you’re interested in installing new electrical systems, rerouting, or rewiring, our electricians have everything needed to design and install the right electrical equipment for you.

Every day, our company works hard to build a reputation in our community for honest, superior electrical services. We want all our customers to be safe and happy in their homes so they can enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. If you're a homeowner or commercial property owner, we can help you with the right electrical system upgrades or installations!

Generators Repair & Installations In Strathmore

Your Strathmore home or business will benefit significantly from a generator installation. We can fit your home or business with the right size and type of generator to suit your electrical system needs whenever the power company has an outage, or the electricity gets knocked out by a storm. Keeping your HVAC and lights working couldn't be more important during such an emergency, so let us install a new generator or keep yours maintained.

Strathmore Commercial Electrical Services

Whether you need 24/7 emergency repairs or any other great electrical services, you'll always find our electricians to be comprehensive and very thorough in their commercial electrical services.

We strive not to cut corners and want to ensure all your systems are working correctly. We can help you maintain all your electrical equipment and will always be there when repairs have to be made. Give us a call today for the right solutions to handle your Strathmore commercial electrical services!

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