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Residential Electrician Services In Calgary And Surrounding Areas

Total Electrical Solutions is the residential electrician specializing in bringing your electrical wiring and electrical panel up to code in today's Calgary homes. We offer over 22 years of experience to deliver a high level of efficiency, service, and professionalism on every job we perform. Focusing on keeping your home safe and livable with a reliable electrical system you can count on is one of the reasons we love to serve our customers in Calgary.

With our customers as our first priority, we are the Calgary electrician that works hard to achieve our goal of providing you excellent service, timely repairs, and fast responses to your emergency electrical repair needs. Whether it's repairs or new installations, we strive to cover every possible electrical service you may require, which is why we're counted on by so many families in the Calgary area as the go-to residential electrician for electrical services in the home.

Electrical safety inspections

Electrical Safety Inspections

Your home's electrical system needs to meet or exceed the current safety codes. Whether you need an electrical system inspection for your own peace of mind or you need to file for insurance or put your home on the market, we can provide you with an electrical safety inspection with complete written details of your current electrical system and any upgrades or repairs needed.

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Outlet repairs calgary

Outlet Repairs

The outlets in your home are a key component where electricity flows through plugged-in appliances and electronic devices. If you have a home with outlets that need repair, we hope you will call our residential electrician to see to it that the work is done. As people, we get so used to seeing certain things every day that we forget how important they are.

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Panel upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system and is equipped with the correct size breakers to protect the electrical wiring throughout your home from overload conditions. This important panel plays a huge part in preventing any risk of an electrical fire, which is why it should be regularly upgraded to meet codes and protect your home.

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Electrical service relocation

Electrical Service Relocation

Your Calgary home's electrical service consists of the metal housing (METER BASE) that contains your electrical meter. Connecting to the electrical meter are the service power lines that come from your electrical service provider such as Enmax. The electrical meter is usually located on the outside of your home and is situated between the overhead or underground service lines feeding the electrical panel.

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Underground fault repairs

Underground Fault Repairs

When you have a problem with your underground fault, it is important that you get service right away. Our experts are trained, experienced and skilled in this type of work, and will make sure every issue is resolved.

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Electrical repairs troubleshooting

Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

With Total Electrical Solutions, you'll always have a ready team of professional Calgary residential electricians on hand when you need electrical repairs. Our technicians provide highly skilled expert troubleshooting that will pinpoint your electrical problems quickly so we can make quick and accurate repairs. We can repair all your electrical equipment including generators and more.

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Aluminum wiring replacement

Aluminum Wiring Solutions & Repair

Many houses built in and around Calgary in the 1960s and throughout the 1970s were wired with aluminum. Aluminum wire was used for residential electrical wiring back then because it was a much cheaper alternative to copper. Aluminum is a great conductor however there have been problems with aluminum wiring that have caused loose connections, resulting in overheating and in some cases caused a fire. So for electrical safety, aluminum wiring is no longer used for branch circuit wiring in housing.

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Generators calgary


In today's environmental, economical and political climate, it couldn't be more important to install a generator as a backup power source for your home. A home or commercial generator is what you need when the power goes out during storms. We can fit your home or business with the right size energy efficient generator for your use during times when you're otherwise without electrical power.

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Smoke detector replacement carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors are a requirement to meet most residential home codes, and Total Electrical Solutions is happy to provide the best smoke detector installation services for Calgary. We also offer carbon monoxide detectors, and while they aren’t required for your home, they can be a great safety addition.

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Home automation

Home Automation

Home automation includes anything from thermostats to automatic blinds and more. When you want to get your home working smarter, not harder, call Total Electrical Solutions to get started.

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Kitchen lighting

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home and making sure this special room has sufficient lighting is vital. Total Electrical Solutions is the company to call when you want a wide variety of kitchen lighting options to choose from for your home.

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Lighting upgrades

Lighting Additions & Upgrades

Sometimes a lighting addition or upgrade can make your home more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, as well as more modern and functional. When you feel like your home needs a little something extra when it comes to lighting, Total Electrical Solutions is the name to call.

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Landscape security lighting

Landscape & Security Lighting

Our Calgary residential electricians can beautify your home with landscape lighting options that will enhance your curb appeal and make your home's exterior useful to you after dark. Adding landscape lighting can do a lot to highlight areas of your landscape where you may want to spend time outdoors at night.

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Energy saving packages

Energy Saving Packages

There are ways you can save on making your home more energy-efficient. By changing some of your existing electrical fixtures, lighting, and components, you can save on energy usage which in turn will help you save money on your energy bills. Total Electrical Solutions offers customized energy-saving packages which include retrofitting your existing lighting with LED lights, energy-saving lights, and the use of dimmer switches.

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Surge protectors

Surge Protectors

Whole-home surge protection ensures you have complete protection for all your home's electrical appliances, electronics, and electrical systems. A power surge can wipe out thousands of dollars worth of equipment in your home including wiring, electrical components, or expensive appliances & electronics. Don't take risks, get your home fitted with surge protection now.

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Secondary suite code upgrades

Secondary Suite Code Upgrades

Secondary suites like basements or mother-in-law additions have their own codes that need to be met, just like your home. We can ensure that these special separate suites have what they need to meet code requirements or upgrade them if they don’t.

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When you’re renovating any part of your home, you shouldn’t be constrained by your electrical system. That’s why our professional electricians offer totally customized electrical wiring systems for your renovations that will make sure that your electrical system can totally conform to whatever other changes you’re making in your home.

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Doorbell cameras home security installation

Home Security / Doorbell Cameras

You never know who is hanging around your home, especially if you’re not around! Keeping an eye on your home wherever you are is easy with our high-quality home security systems and doorbell cameras.

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Electrical vehicle charger installation

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

The future is here with electrical vehicles becoming more and more popular. Installing a charger for your electrical vehicle will make it easier and more efficient for you to charge up before you leave the house.

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Why Choose Total Electrical Solutions?

When you choose Total Electrical Solutions, you get more than just fast, reliable, and affordable electrical services. You get an electrician with over 27 years of experience in the industry and are highly educated and specialize in residential and commercial wiring in Calgary.

Don't just take our workd on it! Here is what our clients have to say

I was very happy with the work done on my landscape lighting by Dan and will have no hesitation in calling again for any electrical services I need.

Glenda G.

Dan has a done a perfect job, he accepted the work and few hours after attended to complete it He was on time, very efficient and had a very pleasant personality. I do not hesitate recommending him to whoever may need his services. Mike.

Naser R., Calgary

Dan is very professional and personable. I would highly recommend this company to all my family and friends.

Etta K., Calgary

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