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Electrical Service Relocations Calgary

Your Calgary home's electrical service consists of the metal housing (METER BASE) that contains your electrical meter. Connecting to the electrical meter are the service power lines that come from your electrical service provider such as Enmax. The electrical meter is usually located on the outside of your home and is situated between the overhead or underground service lines feeding the electrical panel.

There are times when the electrical service system needs to be relocated or moved to a different area of the home. When you need this service, you'll need a highly trained expert Calgary electrician who's licensed, qualified, and experienced to relocate your electrical system components correctly and safely.

Why Would I Need Electrical Service Relocation?

There are many reasons for electrical service relocation:

  • Constructing An Addition To The House
  • Electrical System Remodeling
  • Electrical Panel Replacement
  • Relocating Electrical Service Panel
  • Electrical Meter Replacement
  • 200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrade
  • Electrical Service Replacement
  • 200 Amp Service Line Upgrade
  • Upgrade Code Compliance

You may either be planning to remodel your Calgary home or you may have purchased a home that was remodeled at some point and now the electrical system needs to be relocated.

For instance, say you purchased a home that had a deck added on later and the electrical meter and wiring supplying your home with power is located on the same wall the deck was built on. The problem now is that the deck made the distance between the land and power service lines too close together, and now the wiring coming into the home hangs too low at a dangerous level.

In this scenario, the overhead service lines no longer meet the current Calgary safety code of 11.5 foot clearance from the ground. Situations like this are dangerous and need to be rectified by relocating the 100 amp service lines.

Remodeling your Calgary home can also mean you've added on or rearranged your home involving the wall where your exterior service lines are located. You'll also need to relocate your electrical service lines, meter, and panel box to a different location.

Sometimes our customers need to power equipment in their detached workshop or garage. In this case, it's best to have the service conductors and meter go straight to garage first and then underground to the house which also gets rid of the overhead power lines over your back yard.

Why Choose Total Electrical Solutions For Electrical Services Relocation?

Our electricians at Total Electrical Solutions can always offer you full commercial or residential electrical services including relocation for your electrical service systems. We provide our customers with quality services that help to improve the power systems in homes and businesses so they can meet today's power consumption needs. Moving your electrical meter is one of the largest electrical projects for your home, so be sure to hire an expert electrician in the Calgary area who can safely handle your project for you.

If you are looking for Electrical Service Relocation by a Calgary electrician then please call 403-454-3008 or complete our online request form.