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Lighting Upgrades & Additions

Lighting UpgradesBe it your home or your business, lighting upgrades and additions are a good idea. The bottom line is that you can never have too much lighting; it is one of those things that both quality and quantity count.

Total Electrical Solutions is the only name that you need to know when it comes to this type of work. We don't just install or repair, we provide options for our customers so we can design the ultimate lighting solutions.

Local Experts Offering Lighting Upgrades & Additions

Did you know that one of the top complaints homeowners have about their kitchen, bathroom or home, in general, is that there is not enough light? Sure, natural light is preferable but rarely enough. Some examples of common upgrades and additions are:

  • In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting has become very popular. The placement allows for minimal shadows making your kitchen more user-friendly.
  • LED lighting is clearer, crisper and more flattering, especially compared to fluorescent lights. Plus, it is more energy-efficient so you can start saving money on your utility bills and feel good about having a more Eco-friendly household.
  • One style of lighting that seems to remain in high-demand is track lighting. Much more useful than a single light, this allows for multi-directional lighting, from the same lighting system.
  • While chandeliers may not be anything new, using them in unexpected places is. Forget just using the entryway or dining room. This type of lighting is showing up in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Have ideas of your own or need inspiration? Contact us to find out more about exciting and useful options that you have for lighting upgrades and additions.

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