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Outlet Repairs For Calgary

Calgary Outlet Repairs

The outlets in your home are a key component where electricity flows through plugged-in appliances and electronic devices. If you have a home with outlets that need repair, we hope you will see to it that the work is done.

As people, we get so used to seeing certain things every day that we forget how important they are. Since an outlet is one of the components you come into contact with, it couldn't be more important to ensure they are all in good condition. It's unfortunate how often they go ignored, but it is very common.

Only a qualified licensed Calgary electrician should repair outlets or other electrical components in your home. This risk is too great for an amateur to work on electrical systems. All it takes is one spark to set a fire and one arc to cause death.

In Calgary, outlet repairs are available from Total Electrical Solutions. We offer residential and commercial electrical service to Calgary and surrounding areas.

Loose Outlet Repairs

An outlet that won't hold the plug in snugly, one that pushes in when you insert a plug or one that blocks anything from being inserted in can be easily repaired by an electrician. There are various reasons why an outlet becomes loose or seemingly clogged.

The outlet in its current condition is not safe, even if all it does is sit there unused. Arcs are highly dangerous electrical currents that reach out in space and electrify anything that electricity can flow through, including humans and pets.

Call for outlet repairs if any of your home's outlets aren't snugly fitted to the wall or working right.

Outdated Outlet Connections & Wiring Repair

If you have a home built before 1972, it's likely you have aluminum wiring and connections in the outlets. This wiring needs to be replaced. The aluminum connections in the outlets are now known to cause fires, shock, and shorts. The outlet will be upgraded and wiring will be replaced with copper wiring.

One of the ways to tell if your outlets and wiring need upgrading is for an electrician to inspect the wiring. As a homeowner, you may notice signs such as:

  • Burns on the outlet plate
  • Outlets that spark when plugging something in
  • Outlets that no longer work

Upgrading Outlets To GFI Outlets

A GFI outlet is important to protect occupants from electrical shock. The outlet works automatically as an interrupter when the grounded current drops from an appliance to a dangerous level. They are required by the National Electrical Code to be installed near water sources and in certain other areas of the home.

GFI outlets should be installed:

  • For most outdoor outlets
  • Bathrooms
  • Garage wall outlets
  • Kitchen outlets
  • Crawlspaces
  • Unfinished basements
  • Laundry equipment
  • Anywhere near water

GFCI circuit breakers should be installed in the electrical panel box of the home. This protects selected circuits by shutting off the electricity during an overload or other problem.

If you are looking for a Calgary electrician for Outlet Repairs, please call 403-454-3008 or complete our online request form.