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Whole Home Surge Protection

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If you've ever experienced an electrical surge in your home you may know that it can be costly. Power surges and spikes can degrade your home's electrical wiring, electronic devices, connections and components.

What You May Not Know About Portable Surge Protectors

What you may not know is that a power surge or spike can happen along your phone lines, cable T.V. lines, or internet lines as well as your home's electrical power lines. Which means if you're using a portable surge protector that only has the capacity to protect a few of your electronics, all the other equipment in your home stays completely vulnerable.

At Total Electrical Solutions Ltd we recommend using whole home surge protection mounted on your main electrical panel.

Surge Protection Services We Provide

  • Whole House Surge Protectors
  • Electrical System Surge Protectors
  • Surge Protector Replacement
  • Surge Protector Upgrades

What Causes Power Surges?

When an inductive load occurs (motors starting and stopping) it causes a transient voltage spike in your electrical system, however these spikes may only occur for a thousandth of a second. This can cause damage to all the sensitive electronic equipment in your house such as TVs, Computers and all your appliances over time, causing them to burn out and fail prematurely.

What We Can Do To Protect Your Home From Electrical Spikes & Surges

Install a panel mounted Surge Protector and protect all the clean power loads (electronics) in your house. A whole home Surge Protector will absorb the inductive loads that are created when loads such as the motor in your Refrigerator, Air-conditioning unit, Freezer, Hot Tub and Furnace start and stop thus protecting the clean power loads such as computers, washer, dryer, microwave, T.V., household appliances, LED lights and anything with a circuit board.

Power surges can be caused by a weather storm or a lighting strike which can enter your home in several ways such as through the phone lines, cable T.V., Christmas lights, or your electrical power lines.

Call our Calgary electricians today for an estimate on your surge protection system needs.

Why You Should Install a Panel Mounted Surge Protector

Install a panel mounted Surge Protector and minimize your losses. This surge protection system will protect your entire home from power surges and spikes. Be sure to check with your insurance provider as some companies offer a discount if you have total home Surge Protection.

If you are looking for Whole Home Surge Protector Service or Installation by a Calgary electrician you can trust, please call 403-454-3008 or complete our online request form.