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What's Up With All The Electrical Panel Upgrades In Calgary?

Whats up with all the electrical panel upgrades in calgary

Many people in Calgary wonder why they keep hearing about how important it is to upgrade the home's electrical panel and why they should bother if everything has been fine with their current panel.

The Electrical Panel is the heart of your electrical system and is equipped with the correct size breakers to protect the electrical wiring throughout your home from overload conditions thus preventing any risk of an electrical fire.

Old electrical panels may need to be upgraded for many reasons:

  1. They may not be sized big enough to support the electrical loads from appliances we use today.
  2. Due to additional loading of the circuitry such as a basement development, can cause an overload on the main overhead service conductors.
  3. The electrical service (for example a 60amp panel) does not meet today’s electrical safety codes which can cause your insurance company to decline an insurance policy.
  4. As your electrical system ages beyond 25-30 years, the functionality of the electrical panel and breakers can degrade. Circuit breakers can begin to trip often or, under overload conditions not trip at all. Either of these conditions can be a nuisance or catastrophic.

If you're planning an addition to your home, developing your basement or are buying and older home, you need to ensure the electrical panel/service is properly sized to handle all the additional electrical demands. Total Electrical Solutions has the specialized tools, knowledge and experience to install, repair or replace electric panels and breakers.

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